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Build Great Futures with Great Kindness

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Build Great Futures
With Great Kindness

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You are not alone.

He will never abandon or reject you. He’s right there ready to help you. And, it’s “right there” where hope abides. Will you reach out to HOPE today?

*Simple Start Devotional

For Mamas who need their JOY back— pronto! Simple Start Devotional with Bonus Audio + Scripture Art It is not always easy finding and keeping joy in this turbulent world, but— it is possible—

What happens when I die?


Mission. Vision. Hope.​

The Living Seeds Foundation is a movement of individuals dedicated to glorifying God and enriching the lives of others.

Through prayer and the Gospel, we strive to empower the children of God to walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, facilitate healing, and bring deliverance to all creation.

We provide essential services for individuals, families, and communities.


Living Seeds Foundation

Andrew Ward

Founder / LSF Director

Rose Ward​

Founder / LSF Director​

Evangeline Njelesani

Founder / LSF Director​